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About Us

Sovrin Health Systems



Sovrin Health Systems is a team of healthcare professionals that specializes in providing assistance to healthcare providers in order to drive revenue and increase efficiency to healthcare provider systems.

Sovrin Health Systems was developed in order to pursue the highest degree of excellence in revenue cycle management. We have proprietary patent-pending software and business methods that were developed by a computer engineer and an attorney with over 60 years of combined experience in healthcare law and revenue cycle management.

Our team and our knowledge stems from a legal background, specializing in benefit management; contract management; medical coding, claims, and billing; denial management; and revenue recovery of accounts receivable. Our company prides itself on our expertise in industry standards; federal and state rules and regulations; and cutting-edge methods in practice care management.

We have expert knowledge in patient and billing systems. Our goal is to find the issues that are negatively affecting your revenue cycle and offer you the most cost-effective and quality-driven solutions. Our purpose is to help your business increase revenue and function more smoothly and efficiently.

We specialize in aiding out-of-network providers in the entire revenue cycle process. For in-network providers, we can improve your contract management and ensure you're making the most of your revenue. Sovrin Health Systems can provide your business with the tools to increase efficiency and revenue from the moment a patient walks through the door, until the final payment of the claim for those services.

Our services were created in order to compliment your current billing and coding staff, as well as increase the overall resourcefulness of your organization. We are up to date with the latest coding and billing practices, as well as state and federal policies that affect the quality of your practice and revenue cycle, therefore we know how to achieve the highest value of payment and speed up the collection process.