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To a patient, having benefits means security, health, wellness, and reassurance that everything will be okay. For a practice, benefits can mean stipulations, requirements, and procedures that can inhibit or control the provision of care and payment for specific patients.

When our team looks at benefits, we take the standpoint that every patient deserves excellent care and that the physician is the only person capable of making clinical diagnoses and treatment plans for their patients.

Although often overlooked, the entire revenue cycle starts with benefits. Benefit Plans are contractual agreements between the patient and the payer of that benefit plan. By assigning our legal perspective to the benefit sector of your revenue cycle, your patients will not only receive the excellent service that your practice provides, but your entire revenue process will follow more smoothly into claims and billing.

Contract Management
Contracts can make or break an organization. Some of the most important contracts determine the rates at which your practice will be reimbursed, how efficiently your claims will be processed, and what to expect when your bills are being sent out. Whether you are an in or out of network provider, your practice will still have to manage various contracts. According to the American Medical Association, several payers could even be taking advantage of your lowest contracted payment rate, therefore reconstructing the details of your contracts is imperative.

Does your practice know how to determine if you are being accurately reimbursed for your services? Do you know what contracts are going to give your business the highest rate of return? This is where we can help. Our background in law, contract writing, and contract management gives our Sovrin team the knowledge to properly evaluate and effectively manage your contracts so you can be assured that you are receiving only the highest reimbursements for the services that you’ve rendered.